Lapland is about never-ending darkness and never-ending light.
Lapland is about mystique and authenticity. It is full of both beauty and barrenness.
Lapland is about wandering reindeer herds, mountain lines and unpolluted streams.
Lapland is about breathing the purest air in the world.
Lapland is about silence created by the Midnight Sun’s orange rays and the Polar Night’s blue darkness.
Lapland is embellished in turn by the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun,
full moon and the dark blue starry sky.
Lapland is about the contrast of the nature at its purest. It is about colours and shapes, communities and wilderness, cohesion and peaceful silence.
Lapland is much more than just an area - Lapland is a feeling that has to be experienced.

We’ve brought that special feeling into our Lapland collection by combining the parts of Lapland that best reflect the most beautiful area of Finland. That’s why our Lapland collection is simple and minimalistic, beautiful and bare and it is based on the colours of the full moon, Midnight Sun, snow and the Northern Lights.

Even though Lapland has an abundance of the diversity of nature, it’s best described with simple symbols.

That is why our Lapland collection brings you a piece of the land with these simplistic and beautiful symbols. When wearing these clothes, you’ll feel the serenity of reindeer, the freshness of mountain streams and the delicate warmth that is created by the Sami Sun.

When experiencing those feelings, you’ll know that you are wearing something original. Something that no one else has or can copy – you’re wearing a piece of Finnish Lapland.

Our Lapland collection includes clothing of natural fibers for men and women. The clothes are high quality and they have been entirely made for use. The collection includes shirts, hoodies, beanies and sauna and decoration textiles. All of the symbols are hand-painted with water based colors.


Baseball College - Sarvi

Baseball College - Hirvas

Baseball College - Porot ja Aurinko

Baseball College - LaplandFinland

LaplandFinland HD Hoodie with a zipper

Porot ja Aurinko HD Hoodie with a zipper

Hirvas HD Hoodie with a zipper

LaplandFinland HD Ladyfit Hoodie with a zipper

Porot ja Aurinko Ladyfit Hoodie with a zipper

Hirvas HD Ladyfit Hoodie with a zipper

LaplandFinland HD Hoodie

Hirvas HD Hoodie

Baseball Hoodie - Sarvi

Baseball Hoodie - Hirvas

Baseball Hoodie - LaplandFinland

Baseball Hoodie - Porot ja Aurinko

LaplandFinland HD Ladyfit Hoodie

Hirvas HD Ladyfit Hoodie

Womens Hoodie - Porot

Womens Hoodie - Hirvas

Womens Hoodie - SaamenAurinko

Hoodie - Hirvas

Hoodie - Hirvi

Hoodie - Porot

Hooded Jacket with zipper - Hirvas

Hooded Jacket with zipper - Hirvi

Hooded Jacket with zipper - Porot ja Aurinko


T-shirt - Hirvas

T-shirt - Porot ja Aurinko

T-shirt Hirvi

T-shirt - Sarvet

Lady T-shirt - Hirvas

Lady T-shirt - Hirvi

Lady T-shirt - Porot ja Aurinko

Long-sleeve Shirts

Sarvi HD Long-sleeve T-shirt

LaplandFinland HD Long-sleeve T-shirt

Hirvas HD Long-sleeve T-shirt

Porot ja Aurinko HD Long-sleeve T-shirt

HD Ladyfit Long-sleeve shirt - Sarvi

HD Ladyfit Long-sleeve shirt - LaplandFinland

HD Ladyfit Long-sleeve shirt - Hirvas

HD Ladyfit Long-sleeve shirt - Porot ja Aurinko

Headwear and Accessories

Reindeer Socks

Multifunctional seamless wear

Lapland Hat

Touchscreen smart gloves

Knitted Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Poro Cloves

Kids wear

Kids HD Long-sleeve shirt LaplandFinland

Kids HD Long-sleeve shirt Porot

Kids HD Long-sleeve shirt Hirvas

Kids long-sleeves shirt - Porot

Kids long-sleeves shirt - Sarvet

Kids T-Shirt LaplandFinland

Kids T-Shirt Porot

Kids T-Shirt Hirvas

T-Shirt LaplandFinland

T-Shirt Hirvas

T-Shirt Porot

T-Shirt Sarvet

Kids Hooded Jacket with zipper

Kids Hoodie

Kids Collage Trousers

Fairtrade Romper

Fairtrade baby hat

Fairtrade jacket for kids

Fairtrade jumpsuit for kids

Lapland Romper

Lapland Shirt

Terry Collection Reindeer

Our Reindeer Collection products can be found in two colours, grey and lilac .
The products are made from natural fabric, 100% cotton. All the products are washer-safe.

From our Reindeer Collection you can find towels, bathrobes, wrap towels and spa/ saunahats.
Our spa/ saunahat got a lot of attention worldwide because Kourtney Kardashian visited here in Finland and used our spa hat while shooting the episode on Keeping up with Kardashians.

Spa hat/ Sauna Hat


Wrap towel for men

Wrap towel For woman

Bath Towel

Hand Towel

Childrens Bathrobe

Hair Hood

SALE - Sauna Slippers


Knitted Collection Reindeer

From our Knitted Reindeer Collection you can find seat cover, bench towel and saunapillow.
All the products are made here in Finland.
Material is 70% linen, 30% cotton and the colours are grey and linen.

Knitted Bench towel Reindeers

Knitted Saunapillow Reindeers

Knitted Seat Cover Reindeers

Handprinted Linen collection

Our handprinted linen collection includes a wide variety of products from towels to sauna pillows.

The products are made out of linen, which is a natural fiber. That’s why the products feel so soft and smooth on the skin. They will also dry fast, thanks to the natural fibers they are made out of.

The handprinted linen collection’s beautiful patterns are based on the Finnish nature and the colours of our products vary from dark to light.

The fabrics used in our sauna and indoor decoration textiles are made out of high quality materials. Ecology and sustainability are some of our priority values throughout the production.

All of the colours used in our products are nontoxic and they are washer-safe.
They will also last for many years.

Bench towel

Seat Cover


Linen Towel

Table runners

Linen tablet

Handprinted Terry collection

The towels of out Terry collection come in various colours from bright to dark schemes. They will complete your decoration when you choose the right colour for your home or summer cottage.

The products are made out of flax, which is a natural fiber. That’s why the products are soft and comfortable to use.

The beautiful patterns from the Finnish nature in the Terry collection are representing persistence and serenity, just like the nature itself.

The fabrics we are using in our sauna and decoration textiles are made out of high quality materials. Ecology and sustainability are some of our priority values throughout the production.

All of the colours used in our products are nontoxic and they are washer-safe.
They will also last for many years.

Hand towel

Bath towel

King size towel

Other products


Sheep Wool

Grain Seed Pad - Reindeers

Poro necklace

Ecological bag

String bag

Gift card